Martin Casson

Senior Creative / Creative Director

Martin Casson

How tough a parent would you be?

There’s so much contradictory advice out there on the ‘correct’ way to be the perfect parent, it’s so confusing isn’t it?

Prior to the launch of our campaign idea ‘The right way is your way’ we deliberately started this controversial topic of conversation with with a digital and print teaser campaign that generated fierce online debate with the hashtag #whatsyourway.

After it was launched the breast feeding execution generated so many contradictory opinions that it went viral. Outraged mothers even mocked up their own versions of the image to show their depth of feeling.

After receiving close to 300 complaints to the ASA the client Unilever decided to withdraw the execution but stood by their original decision to run it.

  • For Baby Dove social campaign

  • Type Digital and print

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